ASAAT (Al Sharq Al Aqssa) ) commenced business in 1969 in the United Arab Emirates and became an LLC company in 1991. ASAAT is now considered to be one of the premier FMCG distributors in the UAE, determined to provide the best quality of service to both our customers and our brand guardians. Our aim is to be recognized as an efficient and trusted business institution in all our areas of operation


We are constantly looking for People who share our values of Integrity, Honesty and Equity. People driven by commitment, professional skills and knowledge.
Motivated people, passionate about their work and the success of the Company.
People who care for others and work well with others.
People who balance intellectual ability with the emotional maturity to cope with environmental demands and pressures.
People who understand complexity and can make it simple.
People who are customer oriented.
What happens once I have sent my application?
Your application/CV to ASAAT will be automatically acknowledged by an email sent to your electronic address, immediately upon receipt.
If you have expressed a preference in your application for a specific job opening, this will be taken into consideration, in conjunction with the specifications of this position and your qualifications, as documented in your CV. If we identify that your experience matches this position’s requirements, a member of our team will contact you directly.
If you have not expressed a specific preference in your application, and you would like to be employed in any role relevant to your special qualifications, professional background and work experience, we will contact you when a suitable job opening arises.
Your CV will be maintained in our candidate database for a period of two years. In the case that the information included in your CV changes, please send us an updated version through the our web site
Please note that any information included in your CV will be administered for selection and recruitment purposes only.

Current Vacancies

* There are no current vacancies at present

Email your CV to  careers@asaat.com